My Sweet Little Defender

I just love my BATD! It's small enough for my small hand the Rosewood grips are pretty and comfortable in my hand. It shots as well as any gun I own...very smooth. My husband bought this for me; and he says he is now confident that I have something I … [Read more...]

Nice little hunk of steel.

Bought one for my wife, Damn thing was so neat, I bought one for myself, Strapped to my left ankle most every day. Love it just plain love it. I swap the carry duties with a 605 2 inch 357 mag Taurus. Both handguns fit m;y little stickey holster … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer

I am very well pleased with the quality of my derringer. It lives up to its claims. Most definitely the best made derringer in the world. I am proud to have this company in Texas. … [Read more...]

Cyclist Protection

I ride b my bicycle about 8000 miles a year, and bought a Snake Slayer after five of my cyclist friends suffered dog attacks. One day a large dog came out onto the road after me, and being in the winter, I was not able to outside him. I had decided … [Read more...]

Texas Defender

This is a great gun. Compact and very sound build. It is extremely accurate. I have had hand guns where the front and rear sights were hard to line up because they did not mate well. The Bond arms is not like that. It fits all the way around, even my … [Read more...]

Fun Gun

I have shot a lot of rounds and it's fun to shoot. I bought other caliber barrels and grips for it, and it's not hard to shoot or hit what you're aiming at. Good backup carry gun. … [Read more...]