I love this gun.

I am impressed by the craftsmanship! I love this gun. It has been exactly what I thought it would be. … [Read more...]

Number 2


Bought Bond Arms Snake Slayer and loved it . Then Bond Arms out did themselves with mini .45 . But I went step further and it is not so mini no more . Bought .45 LC / .410 3.5" barrel and extended black rubber grips made it the perfect HAND CANNON … [Read more...]


i opened the box and my eyes popped out....wow what a quality piece....cannot wait to shoot this bad boy!! … [Read more...]

gun’s name is Howitzer Jumbo Jet

The Ranger II shoots good and on target. This was my first time ever using a derringer; hit target kill zone at 16 yards w/45LC & 410 Win PDX1 Defender 3” 750 Velocity what a kick. Thought you might like this; gun’s name is Howitzer Jumbo Jet. … [Read more...]

I love my ranger 2

I love my ranger 2. I love the quality put out by the people of the Bond Arms Company. I am going to buy one for my son. Thank you for the best derringer ever made. PS tell the bond girl Amy Graves I think shes smoking Hot. GOD BLESS AMERICA Your … [Read more...]

the weapon always places a smile on my face

I purchased the weapon on December 14, 2013. I am sorry for the late notice but I could not find the card to send in, luckily when I was on your website I saw that I did not need the gun. So far the weapon always places a smile on my face; I have a … [Read more...]

nothing written can explain the feeling

Gordon and Company, I read all the reviews online, but nothing written can explain the feeling you get when you hold one in your hand. I read review on all my purchases; I have never seen so many positive testimonies on any product I have ever … [Read more...]