Awesome Firearm

I received my new Bond Arms Ranger II this week. Since I am in a wheelchair I wanted something compact and do not like racking slides. The Ranger II with the PDX rounds works beautiful. I love the carry holster too. A great CCW weapon! Thank you Bond … [Read more...]

It’s just cool.

I had an opportunity to shoot my Texas defender at my local gun range. My derringer created quite a stir. Most of the guys were saying the the derringer was a bit underpowered considering I only had two rounds to use to defend myself. That was until … [Read more...]

It is always there

I work in south florida around the everglades,with alligators and all kind of snakes around . My snake slayer, with one barrel with a 410 and the other with a 45 colt, is always with me, easy to carry and enough power to do the job if need be … [Read more...]

Power to the people!

Just to be clear, I have NOT (yet..heh, heh) shot anybody or any animals with this piece, but I would have no fear shooting any attacker with it! The stopping power of the .45 long colt OR the 3" double ought .410 should be sufficient for threatening … [Read more...]

My Sweet Little Defender

I just love my BATD! It's small enough for my small hand the Rosewood grips are pretty and comfortable in my hand. It shots as well as any gun I own...very smooth. My husband bought this for me; and he says he is now confident that I have something I … [Read more...]

Nice little hunk of steel.

Bought one for my wife, Damn thing was so neat, I bought one for myself, Strapped to my left ankle most every day. Love it just plain love it. I swap the carry duties with a 605 2 inch 357 mag Taurus. Both handguns fit m;y little stickey holster … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer

I am very well pleased with the quality of my derringer. It lives up to its claims. Most definitely the best made derringer in the world. I am proud to have this company in Texas. … [Read more...]

Cyclist Protection

I ride b my bicycle about 8000 miles a year, and bought a Snake Slayer after five of my cyclist friends suffered dog attacks. One day a large dog came out onto the road after me, and being in the winter, I was not able to outside him. I had decided … [Read more...]