Satisfied Customer

I retired from a 40 yr career in the mechanical and electronic engineering field so I consider myself quite knowledgeable, exacting and particular concerning the design, quality of materials, and manufacturing of mechanical things. In Dec. 2012 after … [Read more...]


Finally got to shoot the back up model and... Wow, that thing kicks like a mule. I'm missing a few fingers but she didn't get away from me and I was on target. She's my new CC piece, LOVE IT! … [Read more...]

Snake Slayer IV

Love my Snake Slayer IV and Bad holster! They feel like a hand and glove. The quality of the gun and holster cannot be matched. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed! Five STARS for sure! … [Read more...]

What a hand cannon!!!!

What a great addition to my collection. I purchased the Texas Defender model. It was a great shooter. It shot a little low but that is probably due to the fixedsights. I need to get use to the sights. I bought the 38/257 caliber. The 38 rounds were … [Read more...]

Bought one

Great day to you Mr Bond and family, well I tried to resist it but it was to strong. I bought one, a Bond Arms Century 2000' sn #40387. Or I put one on lay-a-way owe $318.39 want to help me get it out of lay a way. I will tell you how it shoots as … [Read more...]

The “Wow” Factor

When I first saw the Snake Slayer I thought to myself, "Wow." When I held the Snake Slayer I said to myself, "Oh Wow." And then when I shot my Snake Slayer with a 410 ga shotgun shell I experienced the "Wow" of a quality, safe, handheld, self defense … [Read more...]

Bond Arms Snake Slayer

This is the pinnacle of quality in both the Snake Slayer and the BAD Holster! The holster truly makes you forget you are carrying a handgun. The holster position is perfect for sitting draw or standing. No uncomfortable sitting problems. Fired 2.5 … [Read more...]


I'd like to address my experiences with my new RANGER II. First of all let me say I am completely satisfied with my RANGER, at first I was a little apprehensive as to its kick and accuracy of my BOND ARMS RAMGER II, rest assured its kick was as … [Read more...]

Snake slayer

A few months back my hand gun was stolen out of my truck and my wife went one day a month ago and surprised me by purchase me a snake slayer one of the finest firearms I have had the chance to carry. I thourghly enjoy the pistol easy to conceal and … [Read more...]

Great Service!!!!

I just received my Century 2000 action back. Man is it slick the action is very smooth and trigger pull is much better. Thanks for the great service. Ken B … [Read more...]