Praise Long Overdue!!!!

I have had your Texas Ranger in 45LC/410 3″ since about 1998 (now I have 6 additional barrels for it) and have nothing but the finest praise for it. I retired as a Police Sergeant in 2008 after 40 yrs on the job and can say that this derringer is with me all the time.
Whether I am in the field hunting or fishing,I always carry the Texas Defender in the 45 LC/410 configuration.

Anytime I had to deal with the customer service folks at Bond Arms,the service has been absolutely the best.

Over the years,several of my friends have also purchased Bond Arms Derringers after checking mine out and firing it at the range.

Right now,I am trying to decide if I should purchase the new “Back Up” that has been brought out or if to just purchase a 2 1/2″ barrel in 45LC.

Superb firearm and an excellent company. Thank you for being USA made!!!!

Top Dog