Snakeslayer- Museum Quality

Dear Bond Arms, I’m not new to your company. My wife and son bought me a new Snakeslayer several years ago for Christmas. I also bought a Bond Arms IWB holster and super cool coffee mug. I just wanted to tell you I love my Snakeslayer just as much now (maybe even more) than I did that exciting Christmas morning. Living in the Appalachian Mountains, we not only have copperheads and rattlesnakes but other dangerous critters, including those standing on two feet. My Snakeslayer with 000 buckshot is my carry pistol (I have a carry permit) and I never leave home without it. My Snakeslayer is like my cell phone, I just don’t feel right not having it with me. Bond Arms Snakeslayer quality is museum quality…lovely to look at, hold and shoot. I have never had to pull my pistol to protect myself or family and hope I never will BUT, I have total confidence in my Snakeslayer. Thank you for producing such a fine pistol and sharing it at a reasonable price. Respectfully, Charles Miller