Sold my Glock 27 and bought a Bond Arms Snake Slayer

I finally had the opportunity to see your products in person.
I must say that it only took 5 seconds and I was hooked.
I went home from the gun store, cleaned my Glock 27 with Crimson Trace laser,
sold it and bought a Bond Arms Snake Slayer an hour later.
I can not express how pleased I am with the firearms you build at Bond Arms.
My wife now wants to sell her Glock 26 and purchase a Texas Defender.
You have certainly raised the bar and I will definitely tell everyone I know about your products.
God Bless America!!!
Thank you!!!


PS. Just got back from the range after taken my Snake Slayer out for our first real date!!!
At 15 feet, only “1” pellet missed the mark and even that lone pellet was close.
I was surprised at how tight the pattern was being such a short barrel.
I am absolutely amazed and completely in love.
No way I’ll ever give up this little lady!!!
Thank you Gordon and thank you Bond Arms!!! Still smiling,
Kevin Scott.