Thank you for producing a quality product that compliments the rest of the tools of my trade!

As a forester/logger and timber manager, I value the quality of a good tool and the service that it can provide in my line of work. Recently, my work has expanded in the areas of timber inventory and monitoring activities. With this work, I found myself needing a new tool to deal with the issue of rattlesnakes when performing the various measurements required. After trying different styles and makes of firearms, I selected the Century 2000 derringer in the l410/.45 caliber as the tool of choice.

So far, in this work season, I have used my Derringer to dispose of 2 rattlesnakes that were definitely interfering with my ability to perform my work and my personal well-being – simply said, I was almost bit. The Century 2000 derringer carries well within my field gear and the safety features allow it to be carried with no worries on my part for an accidental discharge. However, when needed, as in the 2 situations so far, it is easy to handle and its accuracy definitely gets the job done.