The Bond Arms Snake Slayer is perfect

The Well-Heeled Texas Sportsman ALWAYS . . .wears his snake boots and carries his Bond Arms Snake Slayer with two barrels of .410 with #12 shot . . . just in case.
Shot in deer camp at Harvey Zesch’s Fly Gap Ranch, Texas, evening of November 6, 2009.

I had an incident on the same ranch a couple of years ago when I was helping retrieve a downed deer. No snake boots and no gun = bad. Fortunately, I was unharmed, but I resolved to always wear snake boots and carry a gun after that. This snake was in our deer camp, so I wasn’t totally prepared, but help was close at hand.

The Bond Arms Snake Slayer is perfect. I carry it even though I carry a rifle for deer and a pistol for possible close-up pig shots.


Sanke Slayer