Trigger pull Snake/Slayer

This may not get posted as a testimonial but I think that there are many Bond arms owners that would like to know this. First off I love my Snake/Slayer. Quality is terrific! I have read about many owners complained about the hard trigger pull. I am only 5’8′ tall and weigh 140lbs. I needed an advantage over my compact cannon. I first bought the over sized rubber grips for more control with my smaller hands. Because of the 6.5lb trigger pull, this was also an issue for me. Not anymore! Took my Snake/Slayer to my gun smith and ask him if he could help me out. Sure he said. Picked up my gun two weeks later with a now 3.50lb trigger pull! Could not believe the difference dry firing this gun with snap caps. The bad thing is, I had shoulder surgery Thursday and it will be months before I can actually fire my gun. Just watching my sight while squeezing the trigger, this hand gun site now does not move. As Clint Eastwood would say: YOU NEED TO IMPROVISE. Love the gun!