Are you kidding me? Let me get this straight…. I make a mistake with my online order for two barrels (.22 LR and 9 mm), the Bond Arms staff (Kelley and Joe) help me straighten it out, and simply because the .22 barrel had been shipped before the 9 mm and before the order could be deleted and resubmitted, I not only get my credit card credited with the full purchase price but I get to keep the .22 barrel that was shipped!!!! This is absolutely unheard of customer service and relations. I am still stunned by the way I was treated (I thought Bond Arms would simply send me a shipping box to return the .22 barrel). I might add that in the past several months I have purchased a Snakeslayer I, Century 2000, USA Defender, BAD holster, and a 4.25 inch .357 barrel; an original Snakeslayer is currently on layaway – which should be some indication of how I feel about the Bond Arms product line. I will be shortly submitting another online order for the 9 mm barrel and the BMT holster, this time using the correct credit card. My experience with Bond Arms staff and products has been such that I will continue to add to my collection of Bond Arms firearms including additional barrels, holsters and other accessories. Bond Arms products and staff have created a loyal, lifelong customer and I couldn’t be happier.

Submitted by Jim Carlin