Very well built and easy to shoot..

I have one of your firearms, the Texas Defender. Very well built and easy to shoot..
the Bond Arms Texas Defender is what I carry- I am not saying a firearm is the solution to every problem– But it’s nice to have, if needed– Again no one knows you have it and one must go by the rules when carrying it.

Some people feel you have to have a lot of firepower— Well to me that is not the whole story– More important is to make what you shoot COUNT- Hit where you want– So my thought there is– Make it count and you’ll score– You can shoot anything else, not be a good shot, and miss– I am trying to find the words that stand out– That would fit Bond Arms—-Being portable- Low Profile– Not a ” Dirty Harry” attitude all the time– With the .410, the pattern speaks for itself.

So just a quick note here– And thanks for building such a firearm, that is simple and you have proud people that need it…

Johnnie S. B.