We drove over 140 miles to purchased 2 Rangers and 2 Snake Slayer IVs.

I have been involved in shooting sports for over 50 years, and served my country in the Navy, with combat tours on River Boats in Vietnam. I am also a Navy and NRA, Firearms Instructor, that said, it takes a lot to impress me with a new firearm. We first read about Bond Arms in this month’s issue of America’s First Freedom published by the NRA. After reading the informative article, I went to your web site and after viewing the videos, I showed my wife Vicki and together, we were so impressed, we drove over 140 miles to purchased 2 Rangers and 2 Snake Slayer IVs.

It has been a week since we made the trip to purchased our Bond Arms Rangers and Snake Slayer IVs, and we are even more impressed with our purchase. You all make outstanding firearms. The quality is unmatched by any I have ever purchased before. They fit well in our hands and that makes them a super “point and shoot” firearm.

I have read FBI information it shows attacks on persons usually happen within five foot, that is well within the kill zone of this firearm. We were looking for a defensive firearm that for that purpose. My service in Vietnam has left me 100% Disabled and forced me to use a cane for short walks, and an electric wheelchair for longer walks. This limits what I can use for a defensive firearm. This is another reason why we selected the Bond Arms Ranger and Snake Slayer IV. The Ranger with its awesome holster, is the perfect combination for personal protection. Driving the Motorcoach our Tahoe, or in my electric wheelchair, the design of the holster allows me access, in a hurry, during any emergency. The Snake Slayer IV is our choice for protection in our Motorcoach and for shooting sports. We purchased two additional barrels (22 LR and .38/.357) for the range. Speaking of the extra barrels, they are a breeze to change! I have really enjoyed showing our friends how easy it is to change barrels at the range and shoot within a minute.

Bottom line Gordon is; the Bond Arms Ranger & Snake Slayer IV are the finest, best built, easiest to shoot, derringer-style firearms we have ever purchased.

We are looking forward to additional purchases of firearms and accessories in the future.

God Bless,