What a beautiful piece of equipment!

Having previously submitted an appreciation to You for my new Snake Slayer when it first arrived.  I now feel compelled to write You fine folks at Bond Arms a second one.

Upon it’s first arrival, I immediately sent off the Snake Slayer for barrel engraving, and a set of the extended grips with the metal silver stars.  What arrived back to me in “JIG” time was about the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a very long time, the “beautiful” gold engraving job on the barrel and “not” silver metal stars on the extended grips, but gold stars with a silver halo. The package is fantastic! The gold stars are a wonderful compliment to the gold engraving on the barrel. I strongly recommend anyone having the barrel engraving done consider also ordering these beautiful grips to go with it. YOU will not be sorry, I promise. Senior Chief Douglas USN Ret. said that!
Bond Arms, Many Thanks again.
I love this gun! It’s a keeper for sure!